There's a gig coming up in August and it's going to be a special one. Details are on the SHOWS page. View Flyer

Kami's got a gig coming up. Check out the Shows page for all the pertinant dets and get your booty out for some local original music!

We've got a big holiday show coming up next week at the 19 Boardway in Fairfax. There are a lot of great acts including
Chi McClean and Boone Spooner acoustic starting the show and Ellen Elizabeth & Vintage City All-Stars. It will be the first time playing there for most of us so come on out and support local music and venues and have a festive time to boot!


If you're reading this you know the website revamp is near completion, there is still some refining to do, but for the most part it's functional. If you do have any problems viewing any pages or what you do see looks weird please head over to the contact page and drop a line.

The show last night was a lot of fun. Despite the weather our good friends found their way through the wind and downpour to cheer the band on. Ireland's 32 is a nice pub and the regulars were friendly and welcoming. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the band.


First gig of the new year coming next month so put it on your calendar!


Check out this lovely review of the show at the Hotel Utah. Click the link below and scroll down Crawdaddy Review

Kami Nixon and the Skiddy Knickers have their first headlining weekend show! It's the Friday after Thanksgiving so you'll all be expected to bring your favorite Aunt, Uncle or cousin who's in town for turkey day. :D


You might have noticed the landing page for the website... A full redesign of the site is underway, so keep checking back. Also there are some shows coming up, they should be posted in the next day or two.


More local stores are carrying the CD! Pics from the Fleet Week show on Kami's myspace page!


There are a few shows coming up solo and full band, so check out the performance page for more info.


Check out the BIO page for tidbits of info about the boys in the band! Keep checking back for upcoming shows!


There a few more gigs planned for August and a return visit to Ken Brown's radio show on August 19 at 9:20 AM. To listen online click here!


Kami's going to be on radio tomorrow! If you're in the Sonoma area tune in KSVY 91.3. Kami will be on Mornings in Sonoma with Ken Brown between 9:10 AM. She'll be playing two songs as well as chatting.

To listen online click here!

There are few pics of last nights gig on the pics page... take a gander at the full band!


Added a few pics from a recent solo gig of Kami's. Check them out on the pics page!


Kami was on Piratecat radio this week, click the link below to check it out.

Pirate Cat Radio

We've made a few changes to the website. There is now a reviews page and a page with info on where to buy Kami's music locally.


Postponed- Show 6/14 at Red Devil Lounge – Recliner, Kami Nixon05.06.08
Lots of show coming up, so come on out and support local music! Some are full band and some are acoustic duo with Bill Spooner.


Hey everybody Bill's good buddy Jimmy shot some video of the Mamapalooza. Please take a look and tell all your friends!

Kami Nixon at youtube


Kami's going to be partcipating in this year's Mamapalooza. If you're wondering what Mamapalooza is all about (if the name isn't obvious) please visit

If you prefer to download your music and would like to support one of the few really great music sellers on the internet (CDBaby) please click the links below.

KAMI NIXON: Fertile Girl

KAMI NIXON: Boys named Jon


Finally a CD release party for the folks on the other side of the bay! Melissa Rapp
Kami Nixon (with Bill Spooner, Boone Spooner and Daniel Parenti) Rick Hardin headlining (Rick has a song on KFOG's current local scene cd and he and Kami played together at a songwriter showcase a few months ago.)

Customer review from Sandy in the UK

" . . .quite fascinating in its eclectic style ranging from rock (Not Another One - the"single mom rock"?) to near-Folk (Walk With Me) and in the vocal diction from clear and hard-hitting through poignant/plaintive to breathy/quiet (though with a couple of the breathy ones I did find it difficult to make out all the words). But the outstanding bit for me is the lyrics with powerful social commentary (eg Starvation Diets and Fertile Girl) mixed with wry comments on life (Not Another One and Nowhere to Hide) and stand-up attitude (eg I Want You To Be My Boyfriend). Quite outstanding. A very good record."


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